What are single women obsessed with and crazy about? It's jewelry. Look in any woman's jewelry box, drawers, etc. and you will find tons of jewelry. You will find rings, watches, pendants, broaches, etc.

So, what does this have to do with you meeting, dating, and attracting single women? It has a lot to do with making a good impression on women and I will tell you why:

First of all, take a look at the watch that you wear when you're going out to meet single women or the watch that you wear when going out on a date.

Are you wearing a cheap, ugly watch that you bought at K-Mart for $19.99? Are you wearing those cheap watches with the vinyl wrist bands? Are you wearing your sports diving watch?

Don't do it! And I'll explain why and what watches you should be wearing to attract single women.

You might not be aware of this, but being that single women are so interested in jewelry, they tend to judge men by the watch they wear. You may not think this is fair, but trust me, you will be judged on first appearances. If you are wearing a cheap, ugly watch, this can send a message to her that you may be cheap and have no class. This is not good for scoring points!

Am I saying that you have to go out and buy a Rolex? No.

What I suggest is spending around a hundred bucks to buy you an attractive watch. Two brands that I highly recommend are Fossil and Guess watches. They look expensive and classy.

Try on a silver, gold, or silver and gold watch to see which one looks best on you. If you are by yourself, ask the sales clerk for their opinion on which one looks best on you. Also, stay away from leather bands. They can scratch easily and some of them look cheap.

There's a myth that a lot of guys fall for that causes a lot of undue stress and anxiety. It's the myth that if only I could find a girlfriend I will be happy. Don't fall for this guys!

Guess who is responsible for your happiness? You are. You must learn to be happy and contented with yourself. You are the only one who can make you happy. You just can't expect women that you become involved with, to be responsible for your happiness.

It's really sad that a lot of men live in misery, thinking that they will be so happy when a woman comes into their life to make them happy. Trust me, you can be happy while you are waiting for that special to come into your life. And, if you find the right woman, she will add to that happiness.

Well, I hope you get my point. Don't spend your life waiting around for someone to come into your life to make you happy. Make yourself happy and don't depend on others to do this. And remember, "happiness comes from within."

Test your resourcefulness, your ingenuity, and your presence of mind...when
faced with one of "life's little surprises" when dating women.

6. At work, a single woman loudly announces to her friends that she would accept an invitation from "anyone" to a certain dance club. She is looking in your direction and she seems to have taken pains to ensure you will overhear her. You scarcely know the woman, and had not even considered approaching her. What to do?

7. As the office party breaks up, amidst considerable noise and confusion, a woman you hardly know grabs you and kisses you on the lips, hard (you rather enjoy the sensation). Is she drunk, or does this indicate genuine interest in you?

8. The woman you have been going out with consistently shows up late for dates, at times an hour or more. She always has an excuse, but you are beginning to get somewhat annoyed.

9. As you pass a group of single young women on the street, one of them makes a rather suggestive remark about you, to the accompaniment of raucous laughter from the others.

10. The disastrous blind date scenario. A good friend has set you up with "the perfect woman for you". You talked with her on the phone and seemed to hit it off. When you show up at the rendezvous, here is this alluring Hollywood film star wannabe in a tight fitting sweater, reeking of expensive perfume, literally oozing glamour, and flaunting her good looks. She takes one look at you and visibly recoils. She seemed to have been expecting a male counterpart, and her distaste for
you is all too plain.

Here are the corresponding numbered answers to match the questions:

5. Talk is cheap. Stay noncommittal, and let her carry the burden of the conversation.

6. This is a double whammy. On the one hand, she is displaying behavior typical of a giggly teenager. On the other, she is making it perfectly clear that she would be using you only as a convenience, to provide an escort for her into the club, and that any generic male would do as well. Let her find another victim.

7. The next working day, flowers for her arrive at the office, with an unsigned card saying; "The kiss lingers".

8. You seem to be number 468 on her list of priorities. Have a long talk with her, but realize the relationship may be in serious trouble.

9. Rudeness has become a national epidemic. Consider this a minor annoyance, the equivalent of bird droppings falling on you from the sky. Keep walking.

10. "I'm not quite what you were expecting, Leila. It does appear that we are quite unsuited for each other, and I would be most happy to relieve you of the obligation of spending the evening with me."

Try these opening lines to meet women:

When you are in your canoe on a river or lake, go along the bank where a pretty girl is and say, “Would you like to go for a ride on my yacht?”

“Hi. The voices I heard in my head told me to come right over and talk to you.”

“I’d like to be your Romeo. Would you be my Juliet?”

“What part of town do you live in?”

See a pretty girl at work you would like to meet? Try this: “Hi, my name is__________. I work in the __________dept. I wanted to meet you so I could invite you to come to the annual company picnic/banquet with me.”

Has this ever happened to you? You see the hot & sexy "girl of dreams" at a bar or nightclub and you're dying to ask her to dance. There's a problem though. She's with a group of her girlfriends and they are carrying on and laughing and talking and not really noticing anything else. They just seem to be absorbed with themselves. You know what I'm talking about. You've seen groups of girls and how they act.
Well anyway, you want to ask her to dance, but you kind of feel like a fool approaching her in a group of girlfriends. Here's the wrong approach a lot of guys use: You approach her and ask her to dance and she says no. Then you ask her friend, she says no. Then you go down the line and ask her other friends to dance and they say no. You have just made a complete fool of yourself and the girls are snickering behind your back. Don't set yourself up for rejection.
Here's the approach to use:
Always remember this fact: It's hard to get one of the girls in a group to separate. But, there's a way around this; Walk up to all of them at once with a friendly smile on your face and say, "Would any of you girls like to dance?" There's a good chance one of them will dance with you and perhaps even the one that you were initially attracted to. This opens the door to dance with the other girls in the group also. Then you can determine which one you hit it off with and pursue her for a romantic encounter.
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Does this method work 100% of the time? No, there are variables involved. Maybe they are not ready to dance yet, they all have boyfriends, or maybe they are just not attracted to you through no fault of your own. Sure, the whole group may reject you but you increase your chances of getting the girls to dance by asking them to
dance as a group.
Personally, I always look for single women that are alone to ask to dance. If they are with just one girlfriend, I will ask a girl to dance and that's not usually a problem. Your best bet is to hit up on girls that are alone.

When doing research for a book I wrote on how to pick up hot & sexy single women in bars and nightclubs, I interviewed over 200 single women in nightclubs. One of the questions was, "How Do You Like to be Approached by a Man in Nightclubs?" Here are some of their answers (most of the women had the same answers):

How Do You like to be Approached by a Man in a Nightclub?

Robin - "To be approached by a polite, neatly-dressed, sincere guy."
Kerry - "He asks me, "Would you like to dance?" A man that talks a little first, before we dance."
Erika - "For a man to ask me to dance and not to assume automatically that I'll dance with him."
Valeria - "I like to be approached by a man with good manners. A man that is well-dressed and has a personality.
Paula - "I like for him to just come up to me and ask me if I want to dance. That's all it takes."
Susan - "Ask if I would like to dance and if I like him, I'll keep dancing, if he will keep asking."
Gail - "All he has to do is ask me to dance."
Debbie - "Any approach is OK, as long as he doesn't try to put his hands all over my body."
Erin - "By a man that's not too forward."
Sandra - "A very friendly man with no lines. Someone original and witty; doesn't come on with phony compliments."
Karen - "I like for them to say, "Hi" and ask me to dance."
Kim - "He asks me to dance. A guy that walks up to me and starts up a conversation. Line are OK."
Nicole - "All he has to do is ask me to dance."
Barbara - "To be treated like a lady. Not too pushy and not too fast."
Nancy - "A guy with a witty approach. Full of compliments."
Natalie - "I like for them to ask me to dance."
Gayle - "Just a straight, down-to-earth approach, with no B.S. lines."
Peggy - "A gentlemen's approach. To treat me like a lady. I don't like the "Baby do you wanna dance" approach."
Teresa - "I like a guy who is sure of himself when he approaches me. A guy who knows what he's doing."

In conclusion, use these interviews as a guideline on how to conduct yourself accordingly at the nightclubs. You're not going to score with very many sexy single women if you do things to turn them off. These interviews can be summed up as follows:

Single women like to be approached in a respectable manner. They usually don't like the aggressive approach and don't like to be treated like a piece of meat. Single women like well-groomed, well-dressed men, with a pleasing personality.

P.S. This article is an excerpt from our best-selling book, "The Complete Guide to Meeting Women."

I would like to discuss some observations you need to make at the beginning of a relationship with women. Sometimes when you're first dating a woman you overlook some things. You are so caught up in being attracted to her and even to the point of being in love with her.

Before you get too carried away, here are some observations you need to make:

1. How does she treat other people?
2. How does she treat her family, especially her relationship with her father?
3. How does she treat her friends, especially the younger and older ones?

So, what does all this mean? If she treats these people in her life with no respect, is cold with them, argumentative, or mean to them do you know what this means? Well if she treats them like this, she will treat you like this also after the puppy love stage wears off. Her true colors are going to come out and you may not like what you see.

I really don't like writing about negative things, but I just wanted to pass this along so you will know in advance if you are going to be treated like shit once the romance stage wears off.

I would like to share with the visitors to this web site a method I used successfully for many years to meet lots of beautiful and sexy single women in bars and nightclubs. All you need to pull this off is courage, a small note pad that fits in your pocket, and a pen.
When you see a beautiful single woman at a bar or nightclub, you will walk up next to her and write the following note in your note pad (make sure she sees you writing this note):
Did you know that I have been standing here wondering how I could meet you?
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If you have any suggestions as to how I could meet you without appearing bold or if I should even try to meet you, please check one of the below:


___Go to Hell

___Try This:

After you have finished writing this note hand it to her with a pen and say, "Would you mind filling this out for me?"
This system really worked for me and it's a great ice-breaker. Single women admired me for the uniqueness of this way of trying to meet them. What I like about this method is that I don't even have to use an opening line or some come-on line to meet single women. I just simply hand them a note. It sure is an easy way to meet single women you are attracted to.
Is it guaranteed to work in meeting single women? No. You will get some rejections and some women may even laugh at you. But, the majority of women will be receptive to this technique of meeting them. Try it! You will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

According to the October 2010 issue of Men's Health Magazine here are the top 25 sexually active cities in America:
No. 1. Austin, TX
No. 2. Dallas, TX
No. 3. Columbus, OH
No. 4. Durham, NC
No. 5. Denver, CO
No. 6. Indianapolis, IN
No. 7. Arlington, TX
No. 8. Oklahoma City, OK
No. 9. Bakersfield, CA
No. 10. Houston, TX
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No. 11. Lubbock, TX
No. 12. Fort Worth, TX
No. 13. Charlotte, NC
No. 14. Fresno, CA
No. 15. San Antonio, TX
No. 16. Richmond, VA
No. 17. Anchorage, AK
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No. 18. Nashville, TN
No. 19. Memphis, TN
No. 20. Kansas City, MO
No. 21. Atlanta, GA
No. 22. Omaha, NE
No. 23. Salt Lake City, UT
No. 24. Milwaukee, WI
No. 25. Jackson, MS
So, maybe these are the best cities to live in or visit to get some action (If you know what I mean).

Let me tell you about a method of meeting single women for love and romance that can get you in trouble or even worse, get you beat up by an angry boyfriend.

Here's what happened to me and please guys, don't try this stupid stunt because of your raging hormones. It's not worth it!

There was this beautiful, hot & sexy checker at the grocery store where I shopped at that I was madly in love (lust) with. She looked just like a centerfold right out of Playboy Magazine. Long blonde hair with a beautiful face and body to match.

Every time I would go grocery shopping I would just drool over her while I was in the check out line. I was just dying to meet her and I was trying to figure out a way to get to know her better.

I had seen her go to her car in the parking lot before. So, I knew what her car looked like.

So, I came up with this really dumb idea that I would write her a note and put it on her windshield. I described myself and told her I was attracted to her and would like to meet her for lunch. And I gave her my phone number to give me a call.

Well, she got the note ok. And so did her angry boyfriend. He called me up and cussed me out and threatened to kick my ass if I even came near her. Of course, I pleaded with him that I meant no harm. I just wanted to meet her. But, he was still pissed off.

So, in closing, my fellow Girl-getters, don't try this stupid method to try and meet a woman you are attracted to that is a stranger.

First of all, she will think that you're some kind of psycho stalker. And in these days and times women have a lot to be concerned about from men that they don't know.

Second of all, this could be hazardous to your health because of an angry boyfriend, husband, ex-husband, father, brother, etc. She could go along with your plot and agree to meet you. Then she would set you up to where her angry boyfriend or husband also shows up to confront you and proceed to kick your silly ass.

Well, I think you get the point. This is a very risky and foolish way of meeting single women. Don't do it!

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Good Advice

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Your ability to persist in the face of setbacks and temporary failures is essential to your success with women.

Say to yourself I will no longer be chained to the past, past relationships, lost loves, and bad experiences in my past.

Once you start making changes, no matter how small, suddenly everything seems possible. - Oprah Winfrey

If you commute by train, plane, bus, subways, etc. there will be golden opportunities to meet women. Be sure and sit next to them and talk.

Be Sure and Like Yourself

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I just can't express to you enough how important it is to like yourself. The reason I say this is because if you don't like yourself, you will give off bad vibrations to women you encounter and they won't like you either.

The key to commanding respect from single women is to become a man you like being around. And a good way of doing this is to pick out men that you admire and identify the good qualities that you admire in them and make a strong, determined effort to develop these same qualities in yourself.

And when you become the man you want to be, your self-respect will skyrocket! Always remember that you are in charge of your life. You determine what kind of a person you want to be for good or bad.

Dazzle Women With Personality

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If you do really fancy a woman who is taller than you there is still hope. Remember that women prefer personality to looks. If you have personality you may be able to dazzle her with it and overcome her natural preference for taller men. You will have to work very hard at it though as it is likely she will not be as responsive and open to you as she would be from an approach from a taller man.

If you have a sense of humor she can relate to or some other personality traits she cannot resist you still have a chance. You had better be quick of the mark because if your fantastic personality doesn't come to the fore quickly you'll find she'll soon tire of you and begin to look elsewhere.

There are exceptions to the rule that women prefer men the same height as them or taller but 9 times out of 10 you will find women in the company of men who are taller than them. My ex-wife is an example of this as she is 5' 8" and I am 5' 6". Height had nothing to do with our relationship, either in the courting or separating
stages but I find this is the exception rather than the rule.


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What is the secret ingredient that will attract you to women without you uttering a single word irrespective of what you wear or what you do for a living or how overweight you may be? It is your HEIGHT. How tall you are is very, very important to women. Now before all you short guys go out and commit suicide I will tell you there are still many women you can date and marry.

When you think about height being important I can imagine a lot of you guys getting very angry. If you are overweight you can go on a diet and lose weight to become more attractive to women. If you are poor you may be able to get a job or gain a promotion to become richer. You can then dress better. If you smoke you can give up the cigarettes and if you are an alcoholic you can give up the booze. There is no damn way you are going to get any taller though. Wearing shoes with high heels just accentuates your lack of height and telegraphs to both men and women how self-conscious you are about your height.

So you get angry at women wanting something in you that you can't change. That is the way I felt but the solution is to date women that are the same height as you or
shorter. Easy.