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What is the secret ingredient that will attract you to women without you uttering a single word irrespective of what you wear or what you do for a living or how overweight you may be? It is your HEIGHT. How tall you are is very, very important to women. Now before all you short guys go out and commit suicide I will tell you there are still many women you can date and marry.

When you think about height being important I can imagine a lot of you guys getting very angry. If you are overweight you can go on a diet and lose weight to become more attractive to women. If you are poor you may be able to get a job or gain a promotion to become richer. You can then dress better. If you smoke you can give up the cigarettes and if you are an alcoholic you can give up the booze. There is no damn way you are going to get any taller though. Wearing shoes with high heels just accentuates your lack of height and telegraphs to both men and women how self-conscious you are about your height.

So you get angry at women wanting something in you that you can't change. That is the way I felt but the solution is to date women that are the same height as you or
shorter. Easy.