I would like to share some information to single men on how to tell if a single woman is not interested in you. These are signs to look for:

1. She won't make herself available. Even though they may sound like valid excuses, if she were interested, she would make herself available to see you. If arranging a date to get together becomes a struggle and you are the only one working on the problem, move on.

2. Conversations will be awkward and forced. After all, you are the only one trying to keep it going.

3. Conversations and the tone in her voice will be neutral. Not necessarily negative, but they will be absent of that up-beat positive mood that an interested girl gives.

The important thing to remember is that most single girls don't want to hurt your feelings. So, if they aren't interested, they will be just neutral in their tone and expect you to pick up the fact that there is an absence of a "come on" in their manner. Many men will assume that since a girl hasn't come out and said "drop dead," then maybe she is interested.

Don't forget, if you aren't sure whether or not a girl is interested in you, then she probably is not. When a girl is interested, she will let you know.