1. Block out of your mind all the good times you had. Just focus on the negative and bad times (her bitchy moods, her always nagging you, standing you up for dates, refusing to have sex with you, telling her you love her and she does not say anything in return, her not returning your calls, her flirting with other guys when you go out, her unsightly nose hairs, her fat ass, all your arguments, etc.). After some serious thinking, you may come to realize that you had mostly bad times and things worked out for the best by you getting out of an unhappy relationship.

2. Be sure and hide or destroy any love letters or cards she may have given to you.

3. Return any gifts she may given to you. You don't need the reminders of her and I would consider throwing them away or donating them to the needy.

4. Don't listen to the crying in your beer songs or songs that you shared together. Listen only to upbeat music that will cheer you up. Laying around listening to sad songs is only going to make you feel worse. If you can, avoid going to places that will remind you of your ex.