Find a nightclub where the greatest number of women are and that you feel comfortable in and keep going there as often as possible. Make an effort to meet as many people as possible, including other men. After all, guys know women and they can introduce you to their female friends, relatives, and co-workers. By going to this place often, you will become a familiar face and you will be amazed at the number of friends and acquaintances you will make. So get out there and make the rounds and find yourself a good nightclub. Just keep going to this nightclub and see if your social life doesn't improve dramatically.
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Also, I might add, don't just go to a few nightclubs when selecting a nightclub. Go to all of them so you can make a good comparison as to which ones are the best. Some nightclubs are good only on a particular night. Find out what night that is and make an effort to be there every week.

You must get your act together. Don't leave things to chance; merely hoping that you will be attractive to single girls you meet. You should plan ways to be attractive. Your moves should not be haphazard. Many men have only vague plans of how to impress a girl, plans that are not properly thought out and rarely successful.

You should be successful by design, by using psychological principles that really are successful. Don't go out poorly equipped with incomplete, unreliable plans that often cause you to fail and loose confidence in yourself. You should use solid reliable methods.

This way you will believe in your ability to be successful, and so be confident in what you are doing. You should realize that you could have a large degree of influence (and even control) over the way other people think. if you go about it the right way. You should train yourself in the skill of influencing other people in the same way you would train yourself for a job skill. After all, it is a skill that is very important in your life and well worth the trouble to improve it. There is no doubt that if you spend time thinking about and studying this skill, you will improve it, as you would any other skill. Study and practice bring improvement in any craft.

One need only look at 400,000 years of natural history to understand a woman's attraction to power and leadership. Since the dawn of man's time on earth, women have looked to men to provide food and protection. In this quest for survival, women were not drawn to weakness. Which man she picked could mean the difference between survival and extinction, so the drive to seek out the more powerful male has, quite naturally, survived to this day. Though times have changed and the way a man expresses his role in society is different now than it was 400,000 years ago - or even 100 years ago, this instinct is still strong in women.

Does this mean that all women are out looking for a linebacker? No. It is true that women are attracted to men who are physically strong, but today men can express power in other ways. Being decisive, being knowledgeable, having the ability to influence other, being accomplished in a sport or in one's profession, being financially successful - generally, being in charge of one's self and any situation that one is in. These are all things that women interpret as signs of power and leadership, and all things that women are attracted to.

Get to know your waitresses in topless clubs! It can pay big dividends. Why? Because she usually knows the dancers on a personal basis. If there is a dancer you are attracted to, want to get to know on a personal basis, she might be able to tell you some valuable personal information about the dancer. A lot of these waitresses are really pretty, have a good personality, fun-loving, and wear sexy outfits. Flirt with them and try to pick them up. Establish a friendship with them and ask them out. These girls need love too, you know. Some of them don't get to date much because of their weird working hours.
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Some of these waitresses become topless dancers, too. They see all these dancers making all that good money and say to themselves, "Hell, I can do this and make a lot more money than I'm making as a waitress." Also, the club management tries to recruit waitresses to become dancers.

When selecting a club, you want to select one where most of the women are. To do this, you can try and hit as many clubs as possible and check out the action for yourself or you can ask your friends that frequent the nightclub scene. However, what they consider a great place to meet women may not necessarily be the best place to go. You might also ask the door man upon arriving, what's the best night for action. Also, while you're there, inquire if they have a ladies night when ladies drink free or get a discount on their drinks. These specials attract women to clubs like crazy! So, don't stay home when there's a ladies night!

When shopping around for a club, don't make the fatal mistake of judging a club on the basis of one night. Certain nights can just be an off night. This is normal and happens at all clubs.

Don't waste your time going to a club where there's mostly men. The more women there are, the chances are greatly increased of you meeting someone.

You may be shocked and frustrated when you notice that many rough mannered men of seemingly lower intelligence are successful in picking up girls. They are so effective because they lack the inhibitions you have, and simply try more. Many girls would prefer men of your type and quality. But the other guys are the ones making the offers, while you stand and watch. Don't blame the girls for going with the men showing the initiative.
You may be a terrific guy, but if you don't get out and tell girls about yourself, they will never know. Even men who are quite handsome find that most attractive girls will wait for them to make the first move.
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Girls often say: "I liked the look of that guy, but he didn't say anything. I suppose he wasn't interested in me." In fact, the man may have been very attracted to her, and just couldn't get up the courage to come forward.
Or, a girl might tell a man, years later, when they are both married to someone else, "Sure, I'd have gone out with you. You only had to ask."
The message is quite clear, men. START ASKING...

Now let’s find out what women are really attracted to.
Much is being written about women wanting sensitivity, love, understanding, and romance. Women's talk shows go on the air daily, discussing a woman's need for caring relationships. They all make it sound so simple - all you have to do is care about a woman, tell her you love her, show your affection, and she will be happy. We agree that women want love and caring. But what about the men who are saying, "Hey, I'm loving, romantic, sensitive, and caring. If that is what women want, then why aren't they throwing themselves at me?" Sensitive, loving men are sitting home alone because there is a catch. Yes, women want to be loved but they are choosy as to whom they want that love from.
What we are telling you is that offering a girl love and affections is fine, but she only wants it from that certain man that she is attracted to. And in order to be found attractive by a woman, in order to be type of man that she wants to have love her, you must address yourself to the eight elements that make up this chapter. Power and leadership, what she can't have, what other women find attractive, affirmation of powers of seduction, something different, romance, sexuality, sensuality, and sex are the things in men that are found attractive by women.
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Loving a woman and following all the hints you learn from the "how to be sensitive" books will help you only after a girl is attracted to you. They won't help you get that girl attracted to you in the first place, and they won't help you keep her attracted to you.
It would be nice if life were such that love was all women were looking for. But you know this isn't true. You know it, and we know it. There would be no need for this book if it were. What this book tells you is what no one else will. We have no intention of sugar coating reality. In reality, what women find attractive is all of the things that make up this chapter.

A word about VIP Rooms. Some clubs offer what is called a VIP Room. This is just a gimmick for them to charge more money. The cover charge is higher to get into the VIP Room. Don't waste your money! There is nothing going on in the VIP Room any different than the regular club. There are no wild orgies or topless dancers pulling down their G-Strings. The only advantage to the VIP Room is a little more privacy (This is especially important if you're a well-known celebrity). Also, you will see the same dancers because they rotate between the VIP Room and the regular club.

You are going to see some really "Hot" bodies in the topless clubs. A lot of these girls work out and take a lot of pride in their bodies. A beautiful body can help them make more money and better tips. Then there's the pposite end of the spectrum.You will see unappealing bodies (flat-chested, sagging breasts, stretch-marks, flab, big hips, big ass, tattoos, ugly faces, etc.). You will see a variety of bodies of which I'm sure you'll find one that turns you on and want to share your bed with.

You've got to take action to get the things you want out of life! Don't sit around waiting for "the woman of your dreams" to come into your life. If you leave the business of finding love with the right woman to chance, chances are it will pass you by.

Sure, this is going to involve some risk-taking and courage to be aggressive in meeting women. With practice, it will come natural and besides, this is an investment in your future happiness.

When you are approaching a strange girl, whatever your intentions may be, any person watching, or the girl herself, really does not know what your intentions are. They cannot know if you are interested in getting her to bed. Not for sure anyhow. You can make your intentions known to the girl when you choose.

This takes a lot of pressure off of you. You are not appearing in public, proclaiming to everyone that you are out looking for sex. You are simply a friendly, courteous individual saying "Hello" to a girl.

I have found that women fully expect a man to be a master of the art of understanding a woman's needs. Women expect a man to know exactly what to do in every situation. After all, "Humphrey Bogart" knew how and you should too. And if you aren't perfect, if you don't know exactly the right thing to do, you are being judged. And one of the truly unfair things in life is that there is no defense for failure. It's part of filling the man's role and that's that.

So where do you learn this art if you aren't born with it? How do you learn where on the spectrum to be for any one situation? We learn from women. But, what women do and what women say has been confusing men for centuries. Our book, "A Man's Guide to Women" is meant to translate female behavior so that with an understanding of women, you can master the art of dealing successfully with them.

Let's talk a little bit about the topless dancers. Why do they take their clothes off? The main reason is for money. These girls can make $20 every ten minutes doing dances and they can make $200-$400 a night. On a good night they can make $500-$700 a night at the upscale clubs. They can get some really nice tips.

Their attitude towards topless dancing is that it is harmless, temporary, good exercise, and easy money. They consider their occupation as entertainers and part of the "showbiz," industry. If you try to condemn their occupation they will be very offended and will defend themselves. They're not ashamed of what they do.

Also, most dancers are just interested in your wallet and not you personally. It's a business to them.

If you make it your goal to constantly go where and be where many women congregate, and if you put all your efforts into trying to meet and pick up as many women as possible, you will sooner or later meet a woman who will fulfill all your dreams. A woman capable of intimacy, not afraid of commitment, communicates, and will fall in love with you exactly as you are.