Get to know your waitresses in topless clubs! It can pay big dividends. Why? Because she usually knows the dancers on a personal basis. If there is a dancer you are attracted to, want to get to know on a personal basis, she might be able to tell you some valuable personal information about the dancer. A lot of these waitresses are really pretty, have a good personality, fun-loving, and wear sexy outfits. Flirt with them and try to pick them up. Establish a friendship with them and ask them out. These girls need love too, you know. Some of them don't get to date much because of their weird working hours.
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Some of these waitresses become topless dancers, too. They see all these dancers making all that good money and say to themselves, "Hell, I can do this and make a lot more money than I'm making as a waitress." Also, the club management tries to recruit waitresses to become dancers.