One need only look at 400,000 years of natural history to understand a woman's attraction to power and leadership. Since the dawn of man's time on earth, women have looked to men to provide food and protection. In this quest for survival, women were not drawn to weakness. Which man she picked could mean the difference between survival and extinction, so the drive to seek out the more powerful male has, quite naturally, survived to this day. Though times have changed and the way a man expresses his role in society is different now than it was 400,000 years ago - or even 100 years ago, this instinct is still strong in women.

Does this mean that all women are out looking for a linebacker? No. It is true that women are attracted to men who are physically strong, but today men can express power in other ways. Being decisive, being knowledgeable, having the ability to influence other, being accomplished in a sport or in one's profession, being financially successful - generally, being in charge of one's self and any situation that one is in. These are all things that women interpret as signs of power and leadership, and all things that women are attracted to.