You must get your act together. Don't leave things to chance; merely hoping that you will be attractive to single girls you meet. You should plan ways to be attractive. Your moves should not be haphazard. Many men have only vague plans of how to impress a girl, plans that are not properly thought out and rarely successful.

You should be successful by design, by using psychological principles that really are successful. Don't go out poorly equipped with incomplete, unreliable plans that often cause you to fail and loose confidence in yourself. You should use solid reliable methods.

This way you will believe in your ability to be successful, and so be confident in what you are doing. You should realize that you could have a large degree of influence (and even control) over the way other people think. if you go about it the right way. You should train yourself in the skill of influencing other people in the same way you would train yourself for a job skill. After all, it is a skill that is very important in your life and well worth the trouble to improve it. There is no doubt that if you spend time thinking about and studying this skill, you will improve it, as you would any other skill. Study and practice bring improvement in any craft.