Find a nightclub where the greatest number of women are and that you feel comfortable in and keep going there as often as possible. Make an effort to meet as many people as possible, including other men. After all, guys know women and they can introduce you to their female friends, relatives, and co-workers. By going to this place often, you will become a familiar face and you will be amazed at the number of friends and acquaintances you will make. So get out there and make the rounds and find yourself a good nightclub. Just keep going to this nightclub and see if your social life doesn't improve dramatically.
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Also, I might add, don't just go to a few nightclubs when selecting a nightclub. Go to all of them so you can make a good comparison as to which ones are the best. Some nightclubs are good only on a particular night. Find out what night that is and make an effort to be there every week.