Conversation Pitfalls

When talking about things that excite and interest you, here are some pitfalls you'll want to avoid:

1. Don't dominate the conversation with your own enthusiasms. Be sensitive to how much time you devote to your own subject without hearing again from the other person. It's alright to let her know what turns you on, but be aware that she may not necessarily want to hear everything you have to say about that topic.
2. Avoid Jargon or technical terms when discussing topics with her and she isn't familiar with the subject. You can give her an inside look at what excites you about the topic, rather than overly specific details.
3. Be careful not to lecture or try to "sell" her on what you believe in, regardless of how strongly you believe in it or how important you feel it is.

She may want to learn more about a subject that interests you, but they don't necessarily wish to be converted to your point of view.
4. Don't tell personal secrets in the early stages of a friendship with a topless
dancer. Of course, it's flattering to her to be told something confidential, but if this is early on in a friendship, the person is likely to think, "If he tells me such personal things right off, he probably tells everyone." Wait until the time is right, and you've established trust.
5. Don't try to override her point of view with your superior knowledge of a subject. Be receptive to her point of view and listen to what she has to say. Then, when it's your turn to give your opinion, she will be more receptive and open to your ideas.

Take a real good look around you when you're at work. Depending on how large of company you work for and what type of work you do, you're going to see a lot of eligible women. Don't pass up the opportunities to meet women. You can make a lot of social contacts, being that you spend a lot of your time at work.

At a very large company you may actually have anywhere from a hundred to a thousand women to choose from. Talk about heaven on earth! Places of employment are hot beds for romance and behind the scenes activities.

How do you approach women at work? Just introduce yourself. Say, "Hi, my name is ______. I work in the _____ dept. Being that we work for the same company, I thought I'd intro-duce myself." Then carry on a conversation from there. Don't forget to charm and compliment her.

After you've gotten to know her and established some rapport, ask her out to lunch. Who knows, that could lead to an intimate relationship.

A word about any new women at work. Be sure and hit up on them right away. Don't let the other men beat you to the punch. Welcome her to the company and try and make her feel at home. Introduce her to your co-¬workers. Invite her to join your lunch group for something to eat.

Finally, don't pass up any company parties, picnics, trips, bowling or softball leagues, banquets, etc. These are great for meeting and mingling with your female co-workers.

A Dry Run

A great approach to pick ups (if you are a little shy) is to do a dry run. You can pretend to yourself that all you are interested in is meeting a girl. Your purpose is purely platonic. You take her somewhere for coffee, or make a future date. You don't have to try hard to impress her. You are only interested in her company on a friendly basis. You can even talk to her exactly as you would a man friend. This takes a lot of pressure off of you; you’ve made no commitment.

Then later, if you choose, when you know her better, you can bring sex into the picture. She will probably be wondering why you hadn't done it sooner. The idea is to meet the girl first, then decide if you want to move in on her. Maybe she will decide to move in on you, but don't count on it. Most women still look to men to be the leaders in sexual encounters, although she may give you some encouragement.

1. She will put herself in your way - she will make herself available. If she says no to a date, she will go out of her way to make sure you know she wants you to ask again.
2. Conversations will continue and flow even when you don't have things
in common.

3. She will be looking at you - making eye contact and smiling.
4. She will initiate conversation, make compliments, and say positive things about you.
5. The tone in her voice will show interest and excitement.
6. In general, the mood when she is with you will be up and positive, instead of just neutral.

Tips on Talking to Topless Dancers

Listen to what she is saying, decide why it is being said, and then restate it in your own words. For example, if she tells you, "men are always hitting up on me, propositioning me, or asking me to go home with them, you might say, "it sounds like you're getting tired of being treated like a sex object."

It's best to restate occasionally, after she has expressed a particular point. You can restate by saying, "So what you mean is...." or "Now if I understand you correctly...." Summarizing in this way makes you listen carefully, lets her know if the message was communicated correctly, and eliminates any misunderstandings.

People often stray from the main topic. As a listener, it is helpful for you to keep this central idea in mind, and from time to time put the conversation back on tract. Summarizing will allow you to do this. You can say, "It sounds to me like you are saying....Am I right?"

How to Meet Women Using Your Friends, Relatives, and Co-workers

This is an ideal way to meet women. Just make a list of all your friends, relatives, and co-workers. Then contact them by phone or in person and ask them if they know of any single women they could introduce you to. It's nothing to be embarrassed about when asking. You're just wanting some female companionship.

Meeting women this way is very natural and these people can usually tell you a lot about the woman. Some will really enjoy playing the role of cupid. Who knows, you may meet the love of your life, just by asking around.

In conclusion, here's the script to use when contacting these people: "I am expanding my social circle of female friends. Could you introduce me to some of your single female friends?"

Pick-Up by Appointment

An interesting tactic can be employed if you see a girl regularly, but have never met her. Such situations often occur at and around a girl's place of employment. It can be called a "pick-up by appointment."

You approach the girl with a complimentary opening line and mention that you have seen her around. You can also tell her your name. But instead of continuing with your approach, you ask her if she will be there (at the same place) on the following day, or whenever. You then say, "I'll probably see you then." No need to tell her why you are putting her off, but shortage of time can be implied.

This is a very effective tactic, particularly if you are at all attractive in appearance. In the time between meetings the girl will probably think quite a lot about the future meeting, and be ready for it. Her imagination will magnify your attractiveness. One of the first things you should say on the second meeting is, "By the way, what's your name?"

What to Say Next to Topless Dancers You Meet

Don't worry about what you should say to her next. While you're thinking about this, you aren't listening! You'll know what to say by listening carefully for key words, main ideas, facts, opinions, and feelings. Listen most of all for free information on which to base questions. If you are told, "I was in Las Vegas just last week to party and do some gambling, you can offer information about yourself: "Oh, I was brought up in Las Vegas!" or "I enjoy gambling too." You can also ask:

"Do you enjoy going to Las Vegas."
"Were you brought up in the Las Vegas area?"
"Where do you like to go in Vegas?"
"What kind of gambling do you enjoy in Vegas


Which women should you pursue? The answer is: The women that are interested in you. If a woman is not interested in you, then loving her from afar is not going to change that. Neither is calling her up every night asking her out, or being like a puppy dog, following her around, telling her how much you like her and that she is pretty. This kind of behavior is not what a woman is looking for in a man. Remember the eight elements. You aren't portraying an image of power. You aren't someone who is hard to get. Other women must not find you attractive, or you wouldn't be wasting your time with someone who treats you with disinterest. She doesn't need to use her powers of seduction on you. About the only thing you are to her is a pest.

The cardinal rule is: NEVER STAY ANYWHERE WHERE YOU'RE NOT APPRECIATED. If a girl is not interested, then that is that. Don't waste your time with people who aren't interested in you. Even if she looks like the girl of your dreams, it will lead nowhere if she's not interested. So move on to someone who is interested. By hanging around, you portray an image to her, and everyone else that you are a person who is found unattractive by women and worse - you are desperate.

What this all means is that, pursuing women who have shown an interest in you is going to increase your percent of success. It is, in fact, the only course of action that is going to lead to success. And that brings us to a very important skill that you have to develop. You must become perceptive enough to separate those women who are interested in you, from those who are not. This is a skill that is developed with a lot of practice and experience. Sometimes it is very difficult to recognize disinterest until you have experienced a girl who is interested in you. After all, most women try to spare men's feelings. People have to say no, and men often confuse politeness for interest. Believe us, if a woman is interested, she will make it very obvious. You will know for sure.

Some Fall-Backs For Shy Men

If you're shy and have trouble talking to topless dancers, it helps to be prepared with things to talk about. Besides the things that are most important to you, here are sources for conversational fuel:

1. Come up with 3 or 4 interesting or exciting things that have happened to you recently. Practice telling these stories on family or friends, or practice in front of a mirror or with a tape recorder.

2. Read current newspapers and magazines, and be prepared to talk about events that interest you.
3. Collect a couple of sure-fire, inoffensive jokes.
4. Become knowledgeable about what's going on in your city. People always want to know more about what's happening locally.
5. See current movies and read current books. You're bound to find dancers who have seen the same movies or read the same books.