Tips on Talking to Topless Dancers

Listen to what she is saying, decide why it is being said, and then restate it in your own words. For example, if she tells you, "men are always hitting up on me, propositioning me, or asking me to go home with them, you might say, "it sounds like you're getting tired of being treated like a sex object."

It's best to restate occasionally, after she has expressed a particular point. You can restate by saying, "So what you mean is...." or "Now if I understand you correctly...." Summarizing in this way makes you listen carefully, lets her know if the message was communicated correctly, and eliminates any misunderstandings.

People often stray from the main topic. As a listener, it is helpful for you to keep this central idea in mind, and from time to time put the conversation back on tract. Summarizing will allow you to do this. You can say, "It sounds to me like you are saying....Am I right?"