You should bring some very important equipment that you'll use in meeting girls. These are as follows:

1. ICE CHEST - This is your most important item. Fill it with beer , wine, mixed drinks in a can, and soft drinks. You'll use this to offer a girl a drink when you've approached a girl.
2. BLANKET - Bring a blanket big enough for you and a girl to lay on. Make sure it's clean and attractive and not old and smelly.
3. FRISBEE, VOLLEYBALL, BEACHBALL, FOOTBALL - With these you can approach a girl and ask, "Want to play?"
4. RADIO - This comes in handy. What to do is lay near a girl or group of girls and turn on your radio. Then you ask, "What station would you like to hear?" This opens the door for further conversation.

5. BODY SURFING BOARD - Buy two of them. They are cheap and made of styrofoam. Approach a girl and ask her if she'd like to do some body surfing.
6. SURFBOARD - If you do surf this can be an advantage. Some girls are very attracted to surfers. Most girls don't know how to surf and have never even been on a surfboard. If you do surf, all you have to do is approach a girl and ask her, "Would you like to learn how to surf?" If you don't know how to surf yourself you can always fake it. It will be a lot of fun trying anyway.
7. SUN TAN OIL - Here's one that will always work. Approach a girl and ask her, "Would you rub some sun tan oil on my back?" You'll never get turned down and it really feels good having a girl rubbing your back.

In fact, with some men, persistence and not taking "no" for an answer is their main pick-up tactic. When they approach a girl, unless she tells them she is married or attached, they will just not give up. They will follow her. They will keep asking her to stop and speak to them, or join them for a drink. They might say, "Now look, you might as well agree to talk to me. I'll keep bothering you until you do. I want to meet you and I won't give up until I do." When this approach is done in a pleasant manner it is quite effective. You must decide if you want to be that aggressive.

There is a psychological point in this. By refusing to accept her refusal, the man is engaging in a power contest. He is demonstrating strength of character, which women usually find attractive in a man. Having been impressed in this manner, she often will change her mind and decide that she would like to meet him, after all.


Now you are aware of the value of being perceptive enough to know if a woman is interested in you. This is a good time to mention that it is your job to give women an opportunity to make their interest known to you. As we said before, no matter where you are - at work, school, play, always be ready to make yourself available. This is more of an art than a science. You have to use imagination to be able to adapt to each situation. It is important that you appear to be genuinely friendly and not just another hustler.

The most basic approach, of course, is a warm smile and a friendly "Hi." If she is interested or intrigued in you, her response will show it. In the next chapter, we will give many examples of meeting women in creative ways.

Be Sensitive To Her Responses

If she gives you a brief response, she may not wish to discuss the topic for a particular reason. Be sensitive to unenthusiastic responses, and be ready to change to a new topic quickly when you feel you have touched on a high-sensitivity or low-interest area for her.

Avoiding Sensitive Topics

What do you do if she brings up a subject that you feel is inappropriate? These are subjects that are in poor taste or which may make you feel uncomfortable - a racial slur, for example. You can show that you don't share this opinion, but without making a fuss about it. You might simply say, "I don't really agree with that," or "I'm sure we can find more pleasant things to talk about." Now, since you made the suggestion to change the subject, it's up to you to do just that. Pick up the conversational ball quickly and open a new topic of discussion by making a comment or asking an open-ended question based on free information that heard earlier.


We will dwell a little more on these signs, since most men find it hard to recognize or just plain don't want to recognize these signs:

1. She won't make herself available. Even though they may sound like valid excuses, if she were interested, she would make herself available to see you. If arranging a date to get together becomes a struggle and you are the only one working on the problem, move on.
2. Conversations will be awkward and forced. After all, you are the only one trying to keep it going.

3. Conversations and the tone in her voice will be neutral. Not necessarily negative, but they will be absent of that up-beat, positive mood.
4. The important thing to remember is that most girls don't want to hurt your feelings. So if they aren't interested, they will be just neutral in their tone and expect you to pick up the fact that there is an absence of a "come on" in their manner. Man y men will assume that since a girl hasn't come out and said "drop dead," then maybe she is interested. Don't forget, if you aren't sure whether or not a girl is interested in you, then she probably is not. When a girl is interested, she will let you know.