Be Sensitive To Her Responses

If she gives you a brief response, she may not wish to discuss the topic for a particular reason. Be sensitive to unenthusiastic responses, and be ready to change to a new topic quickly when you feel you have touched on a high-sensitivity or low-interest area for her.

Avoiding Sensitive Topics

What do you do if she brings up a subject that you feel is inappropriate? These are subjects that are in poor taste or which may make you feel uncomfortable - a racial slur, for example. You can show that you don't share this opinion, but without making a fuss about it. You might simply say, "I don't really agree with that," or "I'm sure we can find more pleasant things to talk about." Now, since you made the suggestion to change the subject, it's up to you to do just that. Pick up the conversational ball quickly and open a new topic of discussion by making a comment or asking an open-ended question based on free information that heard earlier.