I would like to share some information to single men on how to tell if a single woman is not interested in you. These are signs to look for:

1. She won't make herself available. Even though they may sound like valid excuses, if she were interested, she would make herself available to see you. If arranging a date to get together becomes a struggle and you are the only one working on the problem, move on.

2. Conversations will be awkward and forced. After all, you are the only one trying to keep it going.

3. Conversations and the tone in her voice will be neutral. Not necessarily negative, but they will be absent of that up-beat positive mood that an interested girl gives.

The important thing to remember is that most single girls don't want to hurt your feelings. So, if they aren't interested, they will be just neutral in their tone and expect you to pick up the fact that there is an absence of a "come on" in their manner. Many men will assume that since a girl hasn't come out and said "drop dead," then maybe she is interested.

Don't forget, if you aren't sure whether or not a girl is interested in you, then she probably is not. When a girl is interested, she will let you know.

1. Block out of your mind all the good times you had. Just focus on the negative and bad times (her bitchy moods, her always nagging you, standing you up for dates, refusing to have sex with you, telling her you love her and she does not say anything in return, her not returning your calls, her flirting with other guys when you go out, her unsightly nose hairs, her fat ass, all your arguments, etc.). After some serious thinking, you may come to realize that you had mostly bad times and things worked out for the best by you getting out of an unhappy relationship.

2. Be sure and hide or destroy any love letters or cards she may have given to you.

3. Return any gifts she may given to you. You don't need the reminders of her and I would consider throwing them away or donating them to the needy.

4. Don't listen to the crying in your beer songs or songs that you shared together. Listen only to upbeat music that will cheer you up. Laying around listening to sad songs is only going to make you feel worse. If you can, avoid going to places that will remind you of your ex.

Listed here are some great Newsgroup Personals to meet single women on the Net. There are more and more single women getting online and I would strongly recommend placing some ads and answering ads. You've got nothing to lose and who knows, you just might get lucky. Print this list and using your news browser, subscribe to these newsgroups. Some newsgroups may not be in your area, but don't be concerned because long-distance relationships can be a lot of fun. I've had plenty of successful long-distance relationships and used the personals for years to meet hot & sexy single women from all over the U.S.
Just do a search on Google Groups to find information on the groups to meet women:
alt.personals.big-folks (big people)
alt.personals.fat (fat people)
alt.personals.fetish (people with sex fetishes)
alt.personals.herpes (people with herpes)
alt.personals.intercultural (intercultural/foreign relations)
alt.personals.jewish (to meet Jewish single women)
alt.personals.latinas (to meet Latina single women)
alt.personals.phone (telephone relationships wanted)
alt.personals.poly (people wanting multiple partners)
alt.personals.spanking (people into spanking)
alt.personals.tall (tall people)
austin.personals (Austin Area of Texas)
ba.singles (San Franciso Bay Area of California)
ba.personals (San Francisco Bay Area of California)
dc.romance (Washington, D.C. Area)
de.talk.romance (Delaware Area)
dfw.singles (Dallas, Ft. Worth Area of Texas)
dfw.personals (Dallas Ft. Worth Area of Texas)
chi.personals (Chicago Area)
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la.personals (Los Angeles Area of California)
houston.personals (Houston Area of Texas)
houston.singles (Houston Area of Texas)
md.personals (Maryland Area)
ne.singles (New England Area)
nv.personals (Nevada Area)
nv.singles (Nevada Area)
nyc.singles (New York City Area)
nyc.personals (New York City Area)
ont.singles (Ontario Canada Area)
ott.singles (Ottawa Canada Area)
pdaxs.ads.personals (Portand Area of Oregon)
pgh.singles (Pittsburgh Area of Pennsylvania)
phl.singles (Philidelphia Area of Pennsylvania)
pnw.personals (Pacific Northwest Area)
sac.singles (Sacramento Area of California)
sat.personals (San Antonio Area of Texas)
sdnet.singles (San Diego Area of California)
sdnet.personals (San Diego Area of California)
slo.personals (San Luis Obispo Area of California)
torfee.personals (Toronto Canada Freenet Personals)
uk.adverts.personals (United Kingdom)
vegas.personals (Las Vegas Area of Nevada)

You'll always find plenty of single, nice women at church.

Many churches have begun to sponsor activities for singles. These activities range from dances and trips to lectures and discussions, from seminars on communication to workshops on sexuality.

If the church doesn't have a singles group, you'll have to use the conventional approach. Pick out a church and start going there regularly. Each time you go make it a point to sit next to or near the woman of your choice. Try to be near this woman each time you go to church. You'll become old friends before too long. The first chance you get, ask her if you could talk to her after the service. She will probably say yes and you'll be on your way.

Most people put something in their personal ad about their hobbies or what they like to do. It is important for you to find other people with common interests and to avoid people who don't like, or may even hate, doing what you love to do. WARNING: Unless you really do love to downhill ski and eat sushi, do not say in your ad that you do just because downhill skiing and sushi eating are popular activities that sound good in an ad and will impress people. People may respond to your ad because they really do love to ski and eat sushi and are looking for someone to do them with. If that happens, you had better be a quick learner, be ready to wear a fake cast next ski season, or hope that they can overlook your mis-statement. If you hate sushi, I don't know what to tell you to help you fake even liking sushi, much less to help you learn to love shushi. You might try claiming that you developed a sudden deadly allergy to fish, particularly raw fish.

This warning about being honest about what you like applies equally when you respond to an ad. If you read an ad that you really liked but the person said that they love camping and hiking and you are a city boy, do not assume that you can pull the wool over their eyes. It's a lot better to tell them that you haven't been camping or hiking since your parents made you go to summer camp and that you now know what poison oak looks like. If you really are interested in trying camping and hiking again, just tell them so. If that isn't good enough for them, you probably saved yourself a lot of time. You also might be living in an area that doesn't have poison oak, but does have poison ivy. They don't look similar at all. I found out the hard way.

This article is an excerpt from our publication called, "Effective Personal Ads - How to Write Personal Ads or Respond to Personal Ads." If you would like more details and ordering information please Click Here.

Your Smile

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People just don't smile enough. We don't mean to make you a grinning idiot or a used car salesman. The secret is timing. You need to turn it on and off at the right time. Careful here - this sounds fake, but allow us explain. You have pleasant feelings and thoughts all the time. You wake up and see a great day outside. You pet the dog. You read Doonesbury or Dilbert. You find ten dollars in a pair of pants under your bed. You go the gym and see an empty treadmill next to that cute single redhead you've been interested in. (Now we're getting somewhere.)

In all these instances, especially if you are alone, you would just enjoy the moment and maintain your typical poker face. It's easier. What's the point of working out those facial muscles if no one can see it? Plenty. It's conditioning. Allow yourself to express warm and fuzzy feelings by smiling when it feels right. Always. People will actually begin to catch you at it. They will wonder what you're up to. After a while it will become second nature. You will begin to smile more. Of course, when the moment is over, you need to relax. People will think you're doing a Jack Nicholson impression if you don't.

This article is an excerpt from, "A Man's Field Guide to Meeting Women."

I'm sure you've seen or heard the commercials about products to get rid of your gray hair. And they promote how much younger you will look when you get rid of your gray or graying hair.
I highly recommend that you leave your hair gray or graying hair alone and I'll tell you why...most women are attracted to men with gray hair and they think it's sexy and makes you look more distinguished and handsome.
I can tell you from experience this is very true and has helped me attract and seduce tons of women. I've always got lots of compliments on my gray hair.
So guys, don't worry about gray hair making you look older. Use your gray hair to your advantage to help you meet, attract, and seduce hot & sexy women.
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Also, I recommend using shampoo especially formulated for gray hair.
They help eliminate dullness and yellowing of gray hair. You can find
these shampoos at your local drug store.

Are you making these conversation blunders when talking to women? Examine these common blunders and make sure you don't make these mistakes that can hinder your success with women:

1. Don't get too caught up in constantly trying to think of what you are going to say next. This can cause you to lose focus on what she is saying and you may even forget what she is saying.

2. Don't change the subject to quickly when she is talking about what she is interested in. This is rude when you constantly change the subject when she is talking. It makes her feel like you are not interested in what she has to say.

3. Don't let your mind drift off while talking to her. It is so embarrassing when you keep having to say, "What did you say?" or "Could you repeat that?"

4. Don't constantly belittle or discount what she has to say.

5. To be a good listener you don't necessarily have to agree with everything single thing that comes out of her mouth just to be nice or to avoid conflict.

If you really want to learn how to talk to women may I suggest buying our book, "How to Talk to Women."

PRIVACY AREA - These are dark and secluded areas which lends itself to a more intimate and quieter area for conversation with the dancers. The less distractions the better when you're making your moves on the dancers.
Also, if you are getting a table dance, this area is more private and you can get a much more intimate, personal, and sexy table dance. Being that this area is more private and secluded, this may increase your chances of getting her to show you her bush. Don't make the mistake of thinking that because you're in a secluded area you can touch the dancers intimately while they're dancing. You can look but you better not touch, as a general rule! Those are the rules and if you do, she will get the bouncer on your ass.
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You may be thinking, what if she let's me touch her private parts or encourages me. Forget it! It just won't happen, normally. Only in your dreams.
One final point. If you are alone, the privacy area can be good. You will be visibly alone to the dancers and they will come over and talk to you.
Plus, they may assume that since you're sitting alone in a dark secluded area that you want a table dance and that relates to making money, which they
are obsessed with. So, they will be hitting you up. Just remember you are not obligated to accept a table dance for money.
This article is an excerpt from our best-selling book called, "How to Pick Up Topless Dancers."

Although you may not want to hear this, a love that has been lost is usually not worth the effort to regain. One reason for this is that the individual himself, after finally regaining the love, finds his own love has to a degree waned or atrophied in the meantime. This peculiar situation is no doubt due to the fact that one is inclined to think, at the time, that he cares more for the one whose love he has lost than he actually does. Once given a chance to pause and catch up, to cast sentiment aside and reason the matter out in a common sense way, he begins to realize the unfairness and perhaps the deceptions the lady in the case may have practiced; he begins to see her as she is, her faults and short-comings loom large before his eyes.

It must be remembered that even though a man may care ever so much for a woman, this does not give her the right to trample upon and to take advantage of the affection he has for her. In nine cases out of ten, were a man to wait a few weeks or a few months or even a year before trying to regain a woman's love, he would, during that time, find someone more worthy, more caring, more beautiful and more suited to him in every way.

Where a man does cast sentiment aside and in the light of clear reasoning finds that he actually wants and cares for a woman, he should still not permit himself to brood and become melancholy over the broken romance; instead he should mix with friends and go about as though he meant to forget the affair altogether. He should appear as
happy and light-hearted as possible, and in many cases these actions on the man's part will bring the woman to her senses, however, he should not rush to her the very moment she indicates he is the least bit welcome, but should continue to show considerable indifference.

Until a very definite understanding has been reached he should let himself appear in the position of man who is torn by conflicting desires and emotions, of wanting the woman's love and of also wanting to see the wide, wide world, other friends, other single women and other loves.

There are cases where a man loses the love a good, true woman through faults which are purely his own. Such cases usually demand from him a complete explanation or a sincere apology, depending upon the circumstances. If the explanation or apology offered is not at first accepted, try, try again. If you can convince a real woman that you love her with a love that is true, she is likely to forgive you for almost anything you may do; most good single women realize that humanity is weak and that some men are weaker, so they learn to forgive and forget.

In some of the most obstinate cases, where a lost love is worth the effort to regain, a man may leave the scene of the love affair for an indefinite period of time and his absence alone may cause the love of the woman to return. However, while away the man should not be too prompt in communicating and by no means should he apprise the lady of his doings; she should be kept in complete suspense or made to feel that considerable mystery surrounds him in his new location. This lack of information; of keeping her in suspense serves to hold her interest, and interest alone often leads to love.

While away the man should secretly strive to improve himself mentally, socially and physically. Through these improvements it is possible for one to improve themselves to the extent that they become a different person, a better man in every way. After you have obtained the desired results in the upbuilding of yourself, you may return to the old love as a new man, full of fire, ambition and determination, literally sweeping her off her feet. Although the foregoing may sound slightly ridiculous to you, it has been done time and time again.

It must be said that we are too often judged only by what we are, by what we have actually accomplished, and not by what we are striving to accomplish. Many people, especially women, are inclined to admire only the finished product and not the rough diamond while it is in the course of being polished.

Therefore, whatever one may do to improve his appearance, to advance himself socially and to broaden his mentality, he should do secretly and without appearing to do so. You cannot surprise people and dazzle them with your accomplishments if they have long known that you have been studying, striving and preparing with those very things as an objective. When one has cultivated himself to the highest degree of splendor, he should leave the impression that any good qualities he may have are merely a part of his nature and as such are of little importance's; he should let it be known that far higher things are his ultimate goal, and since most single women are prone to judge a man by comparison, they will in doing this discover that he is superior to others of their acquaintance.

Once a single woman has known the friendship of a man of taste and culture, she finds it quite impossible to reconcile herself to those who are inferior.

See if these pick up lines will help you start a conversation with single women:

1. “Let’s take the T-Tops off my Corvette and go for a ride.”

2. “Excuse me, but would you have the time?”

3. “What was it you said? Oh, I thought you were talking to me.”

4. “Do you mind if I take a picture of you?” (If she says yes, take her picture and ask for her telephone number to notify her when they get developed so you can give her a copy.)

5. “If I follow you home, will you keep me?”

At work, you see the same women, day after day. This situation favors the gradual approach to enlarging your circle of single female acquaintances. If you are a bit leery of asking to be introduced to someone you would like to meet, you can always practice a bit of subtlety. Smile at her one day. See if she returns your smile. If so, you might make a routine of exchanging smiles each morning and evening. Begin to wave 'hello' to her.
Finally, you may get to the point where you actually speak a few words to each other... and things may continue from there. The advantage of this strategy is that either of you can stop, or even retreat at any point in the progression without undue embarrassment or trauma.
Free Dating Tips on How to Meet, Attract, and Seduce Women
A workplace romance with a subordinate, or, worse yet, with a supervisor, can be risky. It can interfere with the performance of your duties and jeopardize your advancement or even continued tenure on the job. Making an advance toward a fellow employee (or having one made toward you) may destabilize and upset the delicate relationships in your working group.
Exercise caution, or, at the very least, discretion.
This article contributed by Leo Cooper at http://personal.riverusers.com/~thegrendel/cover.html.

How to Overcome Shyness

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New Movie

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I went and saw the new Will Ferrel movie today called, "The Other Guys" and it had some real funny parts in it. I thought Will and Mark Walberg were good together. I wouldn't see it again but enjoyed it otherwise...

Being Honest with Women

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This week I would like to discuss honesty in your dealings with dating single women. When dating women I highly recommend that you avoid telling lies at all costs.

It's just not worth it because a small lie can require a larger lie to conceal it, which can require larger lies. Plus, when you're caught in a lie, women lose their trust in you.

When you're honest with women you will never have to worry about which lie you told to which woman and you will never have to worry about being caught in a lie which can be very embarrassing and cause women to dump you.

What's one of the best investments you can make to improve your love and sex life? Buy a hot tub. Why? This is one of best inventions ever created for seducing hot & sexy single women. Here's how I used my hot tub to seduce tons of sexy beautiful women:

1. Keep a stock of pink champagne and margaritas on hand.

2. Also, buy some extra bathrobes for women and pairs of women's shorts (she can wear this with a T-shirt in case she doesn't have a bathing suit or doesn't want to skinny-dip).

3. The next step is to invite single women over for a date. I would suggest inviting her over for a steak dinner in which you do all the cooking and by all means have a candlelight dinner with romantic and sexy music in the background (if you really want to get her to crave you sexually, order our subliminal seduction tapes at: http://www.getgirls.com/sublim.htm) to create a romantic atmosphere.

4. Your next step is to offer her champagne or margaritas throughout the evening to warm her up and make her lose her inhibitions when you seduce her in your hot tub.

5. Start your seductive routine with kissing her tenderly to get some chemistry going (don't go any further than kissing her lips, neck, and shoulders - you'll get down to business later in the hot tub).

6. Your next step is to give her a massage (don't know how? Order our "How to Massage a Women System"). When you feel the time is right and you have worked her into a state of arousal tell her, "Let's go relax in the hot tub." If she says, "I don't have anything to wear." Reply, "I've got an extra bathrobe you can wear out to the hot tub if you prefer to skinny-dip or I can give you a pair of shorts and a T-shirt to wear."

7. If she prefers to skinny-dip then I can assure you you're going to score. If she does prefer to skinny-dip then you need to do likewise, otherwise if she prefers to wear shorts and T-shirt, then wear your bathing suit in the hot tub because she may become paranoid if you jump in the hot tub naked.

8. Now, we get to the good part! You're both in the hot tub and the combination of the heat, the jets of water massaging your bodies, the steam rising off the water, and being under the influence of alcohol will act as a natural aphrodisiac to put both of you in a state of heated passion and horniness. P.S. - Be sure and bring your iced bucket of champagne or margaritas out to the hot tub to drink while you're there to put her in a romantic mood.

9. All you gotta do now is make your moves. Bring her in close to you and start kissing her all over, working her into a heated frenzy. If she has clothes on, start to remove them when she is warmed up with lots of foreplay.

In conclusion, I guarantee you that you will seduce and make love to more single women if you buy a hot tub. Single women really lose their inhibitions and get real horny when they get in a hot tub, especially under the influence of alcohol. Hot tubs make it so much easier to seduce women. Believe me, I know and I have so many
wonderful and lustful memories of the fun times and sex I had in my hot tub.

Also, be sure and make your hot tub area very private and discreet. Surround it by a lattice fence, bamboo fence, wood fence, or trees and shrubs. Some women will not want to make love if she thinks the neighbors can see you.

P.S. When you go to nightclubs or topless clubs, ask women if they want to come over for a "hot tub" party. I got some extra action with this method and a lot of interesting things can happen when you get some naked topless dancers in the hot tub with you - they really love to party!