Most people put something in their personal ad about their hobbies or what they like to do. It is important for you to find other people with common interests and to avoid people who don't like, or may even hate, doing what you love to do. WARNING: Unless you really do love to downhill ski and eat sushi, do not say in your ad that you do just because downhill skiing and sushi eating are popular activities that sound good in an ad and will impress people. People may respond to your ad because they really do love to ski and eat sushi and are looking for someone to do them with. If that happens, you had better be a quick learner, be ready to wear a fake cast next ski season, or hope that they can overlook your mis-statement. If you hate sushi, I don't know what to tell you to help you fake even liking sushi, much less to help you learn to love shushi. You might try claiming that you developed a sudden deadly allergy to fish, particularly raw fish.

This warning about being honest about what you like applies equally when you respond to an ad. If you read an ad that you really liked but the person said that they love camping and hiking and you are a city boy, do not assume that you can pull the wool over their eyes. It's a lot better to tell them that you haven't been camping or hiking since your parents made you go to summer camp and that you now know what poison oak looks like. If you really are interested in trying camping and hiking again, just tell them so. If that isn't good enough for them, you probably saved yourself a lot of time. You also might be living in an area that doesn't have poison oak, but does have poison ivy. They don't look similar at all. I found out the hard way.

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