At work, you see the same women, day after day. This situation favors the gradual approach to enlarging your circle of single female acquaintances. If you are a bit leery of asking to be introduced to someone you would like to meet, you can always practice a bit of subtlety. Smile at her one day. See if she returns your smile. If so, you might make a routine of exchanging smiles each morning and evening. Begin to wave 'hello' to her.
Finally, you may get to the point where you actually speak a few words to each other... and things may continue from there. The advantage of this strategy is that either of you can stop, or even retreat at any point in the progression without undue embarrassment or trauma.
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A workplace romance with a subordinate, or, worse yet, with a supervisor, can be risky. It can interfere with the performance of your duties and jeopardize your advancement or even continued tenure on the job. Making an advance toward a fellow employee (or having one made toward you) may destabilize and upset the delicate relationships in your working group.
Exercise caution, or, at the very least, discretion.
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