What's one of the best investments you can make to improve your love and sex life? Buy a hot tub. Why? This is one of best inventions ever created for seducing hot & sexy single women. Here's how I used my hot tub to seduce tons of sexy beautiful women:

1. Keep a stock of pink champagne and margaritas on hand.

2. Also, buy some extra bathrobes for women and pairs of women's shorts (she can wear this with a T-shirt in case she doesn't have a bathing suit or doesn't want to skinny-dip).

3. The next step is to invite single women over for a date. I would suggest inviting her over for a steak dinner in which you do all the cooking and by all means have a candlelight dinner with romantic and sexy music in the background (if you really want to get her to crave you sexually, order our subliminal seduction tapes at: http://www.getgirls.com/sublim.htm) to create a romantic atmosphere.

4. Your next step is to offer her champagne or margaritas throughout the evening to warm her up and make her lose her inhibitions when you seduce her in your hot tub.

5. Start your seductive routine with kissing her tenderly to get some chemistry going (don't go any further than kissing her lips, neck, and shoulders - you'll get down to business later in the hot tub).

6. Your next step is to give her a massage (don't know how? Order our "How to Massage a Women System"). When you feel the time is right and you have worked her into a state of arousal tell her, "Let's go relax in the hot tub." If she says, "I don't have anything to wear." Reply, "I've got an extra bathrobe you can wear out to the hot tub if you prefer to skinny-dip or I can give you a pair of shorts and a T-shirt to wear."

7. If she prefers to skinny-dip then I can assure you you're going to score. If she does prefer to skinny-dip then you need to do likewise, otherwise if she prefers to wear shorts and T-shirt, then wear your bathing suit in the hot tub because she may become paranoid if you jump in the hot tub naked.

8. Now, we get to the good part! You're both in the hot tub and the combination of the heat, the jets of water massaging your bodies, the steam rising off the water, and being under the influence of alcohol will act as a natural aphrodisiac to put both of you in a state of heated passion and horniness. P.S. - Be sure and bring your iced bucket of champagne or margaritas out to the hot tub to drink while you're there to put her in a romantic mood.

9. All you gotta do now is make your moves. Bring her in close to you and start kissing her all over, working her into a heated frenzy. If she has clothes on, start to remove them when she is warmed up with lots of foreplay.

In conclusion, I guarantee you that you will seduce and make love to more single women if you buy a hot tub. Single women really lose their inhibitions and get real horny when they get in a hot tub, especially under the influence of alcohol. Hot tubs make it so much easier to seduce women. Believe me, I know and I have so many
wonderful and lustful memories of the fun times and sex I had in my hot tub.

Also, be sure and make your hot tub area very private and discreet. Surround it by a lattice fence, bamboo fence, wood fence, or trees and shrubs. Some women will not want to make love if she thinks the neighbors can see you.

P.S. When you go to nightclubs or topless clubs, ask women if they want to come over for a "hot tub" party. I got some extra action with this method and a lot of interesting things can happen when you get some naked topless dancers in the hot tub with you - they really love to party!


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