Here's a list of what not to wear when going out on a date with single women and especially your first date:

1. Wearing sandals with socks.
2. Wearing your hair combed to the front or side if you don't hardly have any hair on top of your head.
3. Wearing your cell phone on your waist.
4. Wearing Hawaiian shirts.
5. Wearing gold chains.
6. Wearing a baseball cap sideways.
7. Wearing your hair with highlights or frostings.
8. Wearing mandannas.

You may not agree with some of these tips, but trust me, you don't want to take a chance on turning off your date. First impressions are very important and you may not think it is fair, but you will be judged by the way you look for a date.

This is just a short list and there are many other things that you don't want to do or wear on a date. I have tons of tips on my dating tips archive to help you out on these issues. Take a look at them to help you out.