I'm sure you've seen or heard the commercials about products to get rid of your gray hair. And they promote how much younger you will look when you get rid of your gray or graying hair.
I highly recommend that you leave your hair gray or graying hair alone and I'll tell you why...most women are attracted to men with gray hair and they think it's sexy and makes you look more distinguished and handsome.
I can tell you from experience this is very true and has helped me attract and seduce tons of women. I've always got lots of compliments on my gray hair.
So guys, don't worry about gray hair making you look older. Use your gray hair to your advantage to help you meet, attract, and seduce hot & sexy women.
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Also, I recommend using shampoo especially formulated for gray hair.
They help eliminate dullness and yellowing of gray hair. You can find
these shampoos at your local drug store.