Are you making these conversation blunders when talking to women? Examine these common blunders and make sure you don't make these mistakes that can hinder your success with women:

1. Don't get too caught up in constantly trying to think of what you are going to say next. This can cause you to lose focus on what she is saying and you may even forget what she is saying.

2. Don't change the subject to quickly when she is talking about what she is interested in. This is rude when you constantly change the subject when she is talking. It makes her feel like you are not interested in what she has to say.

3. Don't let your mind drift off while talking to her. It is so embarrassing when you keep having to say, "What did you say?" or "Could you repeat that?"

4. Don't constantly belittle or discount what she has to say.

5. To be a good listener you don't necessarily have to agree with everything single thing that comes out of her mouth just to be nice or to avoid conflict.

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