You should bring some very important equipment that you'll use in meeting girls. These are as follows:

1. ICE CHEST - This is your most important item. Fill it with beer , wine, mixed drinks in a can, and soft drinks. You'll use this to offer a girl a drink when you've approached a girl.
2. BLANKET - Bring a blanket big enough for you and a girl to lay on. Make sure it's clean and attractive and not old and smelly.
3. FRISBEE, VOLLEYBALL, BEACHBALL, FOOTBALL - With these you can approach a girl and ask, "Want to play?"
4. RADIO - This comes in handy. What to do is lay near a girl or group of girls and turn on your radio. Then you ask, "What station would you like to hear?" This opens the door for further conversation.

5. BODY SURFING BOARD - Buy two of them. They are cheap and made of styrofoam. Approach a girl and ask her if she'd like to do some body surfing.
6. SURFBOARD - If you do surf this can be an advantage. Some girls are very attracted to surfers. Most girls don't know how to surf and have never even been on a surfboard. If you do surf, all you have to do is approach a girl and ask her, "Would you like to learn how to surf?" If you don't know how to surf yourself you can always fake it. It will be a lot of fun trying anyway.
7. SUN TAN OIL - Here's one that will always work. Approach a girl and ask her, "Would you rub some sun tan oil on my back?" You'll never get turned down and it really feels good having a girl rubbing your back.