In fact, with some men, persistence and not taking "no" for an answer is their main pick-up tactic. When they approach a girl, unless she tells them she is married or attached, they will just not give up. They will follow her. They will keep asking her to stop and speak to them, or join them for a drink. They might say, "Now look, you might as well agree to talk to me. I'll keep bothering you until you do. I want to meet you and I won't give up until I do." When this approach is done in a pleasant manner it is quite effective. You must decide if you want to be that aggressive.

There is a psychological point in this. By refusing to accept her refusal, the man is engaging in a power contest. He is demonstrating strength of character, which women usually find attractive in a man. Having been impressed in this manner, she often will change her mind and decide that she would like to meet him, after all.