Take a real good look around you when you're at work. Depending on how large of company you work for and what type of work you do, you're going to see a lot of eligible women. Don't pass up the opportunities to meet women. You can make a lot of social contacts, being that you spend a lot of your time at work.

At a very large company you may actually have anywhere from a hundred to a thousand women to choose from. Talk about heaven on earth! Places of employment are hot beds for romance and behind the scenes activities.

How do you approach women at work? Just introduce yourself. Say, "Hi, my name is ______. I work in the _____ dept. Being that we work for the same company, I thought I'd intro-duce myself." Then carry on a conversation from there. Don't forget to charm and compliment her.

After you've gotten to know her and established some rapport, ask her out to lunch. Who knows, that could lead to an intimate relationship.

A word about any new women at work. Be sure and hit up on them right away. Don't let the other men beat you to the punch. Welcome her to the company and try and make her feel at home. Introduce her to your co-¬workers. Invite her to join your lunch group for something to eat.

Finally, don't pass up any company parties, picnics, trips, bowling or softball leagues, banquets, etc. These are great for meeting and mingling with your female co-workers.


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