Pick-Up by Appointment

An interesting tactic can be employed if you see a girl regularly, but have never met her. Such situations often occur at and around a girl's place of employment. It can be called a "pick-up by appointment."

You approach the girl with a complimentary opening line and mention that you have seen her around. You can also tell her your name. But instead of continuing with your approach, you ask her if she will be there (at the same place) on the following day, or whenever. You then say, "I'll probably see you then." No need to tell her why you are putting her off, but shortage of time can be implied.

This is a very effective tactic, particularly if you are at all attractive in appearance. In the time between meetings the girl will probably think quite a lot about the future meeting, and be ready for it. Her imagination will magnify your attractiveness. One of the first things you should say on the second meeting is, "By the way, what's your name?"