You may be shocked and frustrated when you notice that many rough mannered men of seemingly lower intelligence are successful in picking up girls. They are so effective because they lack the inhibitions you have, and simply try more. Many girls would prefer men of your type and quality. But the other guys are the ones making the offers, while you stand and watch. Don't blame the girls for going with the men showing the initiative.
You may be a terrific guy, but if you don't get out and tell girls about yourself, they will never know. Even men who are quite handsome find that most attractive girls will wait for them to make the first move.
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Girls often say: "I liked the look of that guy, but he didn't say anything. I suppose he wasn't interested in me." In fact, the man may have been very attracted to her, and just couldn't get up the courage to come forward.
Or, a girl might tell a man, years later, when they are both married to someone else, "Sure, I'd have gone out with you. You only had to ask."
The message is quite clear, men. START ASKING...