Now let’s find out what women are really attracted to.
Much is being written about women wanting sensitivity, love, understanding, and romance. Women's talk shows go on the air daily, discussing a woman's need for caring relationships. They all make it sound so simple - all you have to do is care about a woman, tell her you love her, show your affection, and she will be happy. We agree that women want love and caring. But what about the men who are saying, "Hey, I'm loving, romantic, sensitive, and caring. If that is what women want, then why aren't they throwing themselves at me?" Sensitive, loving men are sitting home alone because there is a catch. Yes, women want to be loved but they are choosy as to whom they want that love from.
What we are telling you is that offering a girl love and affections is fine, but she only wants it from that certain man that she is attracted to. And in order to be found attractive by a woman, in order to be type of man that she wants to have love her, you must address yourself to the eight elements that make up this chapter. Power and leadership, what she can't have, what other women find attractive, affirmation of powers of seduction, something different, romance, sexuality, sensuality, and sex are the things in men that are found attractive by women.
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Loving a woman and following all the hints you learn from the "how to be sensitive" books will help you only after a girl is attracted to you. They won't help you get that girl attracted to you in the first place, and they won't help you keep her attracted to you.
It would be nice if life were such that love was all women were looking for. But you know this isn't true. You know it, and we know it. There would be no need for this book if it were. What this book tells you is what no one else will. We have no intention of sugar coating reality. In reality, what women find attractive is all of the things that make up this chapter.