A word about VIP Rooms. Some clubs offer what is called a VIP Room. This is just a gimmick for them to charge more money. The cover charge is higher to get into the VIP Room. Don't waste your money! There is nothing going on in the VIP Room any different than the regular club. There are no wild orgies or topless dancers pulling down their G-Strings. The only advantage to the VIP Room is a little more privacy (This is especially important if you're a well-known celebrity). Also, you will see the same dancers because they rotate between the VIP Room and the regular club.

You are going to see some really "Hot" bodies in the topless clubs. A lot of these girls work out and take a lot of pride in their bodies. A beautiful body can help them make more money and better tips. Then there's the pposite end of the spectrum.You will see unappealing bodies (flat-chested, sagging breasts, stretch-marks, flab, big hips, big ass, tattoos, ugly faces, etc.). You will see a variety of bodies of which I'm sure you'll find one that turns you on and want to share your bed with.