When doing research for a book I wrote on how to pick up hot & sexy single women in bars and nightclubs, I interviewed over 200 single women in nightclubs. One of the questions was, "How Do You Like to be Approached by a Man in Nightclubs?" Here are some of their answers (most of the women had the same answers):

How Do You like to be Approached by a Man in a Nightclub?

Robin - "To be approached by a polite, neatly-dressed, sincere guy."
Kerry - "He asks me, "Would you like to dance?" A man that talks a little first, before we dance."
Erika - "For a man to ask me to dance and not to assume automatically that I'll dance with him."
Valeria - "I like to be approached by a man with good manners. A man that is well-dressed and has a personality.
Paula - "I like for him to just come up to me and ask me if I want to dance. That's all it takes."
Susan - "Ask if I would like to dance and if I like him, I'll keep dancing, if he will keep asking."
Gail - "All he has to do is ask me to dance."
Debbie - "Any approach is OK, as long as he doesn't try to put his hands all over my body."
Erin - "By a man that's not too forward."
Sandra - "A very friendly man with no lines. Someone original and witty; doesn't come on with phony compliments."
Karen - "I like for them to say, "Hi" and ask me to dance."
Kim - "He asks me to dance. A guy that walks up to me and starts up a conversation. Line are OK."
Nicole - "All he has to do is ask me to dance."
Barbara - "To be treated like a lady. Not too pushy and not too fast."
Nancy - "A guy with a witty approach. Full of compliments."
Natalie - "I like for them to ask me to dance."
Gayle - "Just a straight, down-to-earth approach, with no B.S. lines."
Peggy - "A gentlemen's approach. To treat me like a lady. I don't like the "Baby do you wanna dance" approach."
Teresa - "I like a guy who is sure of himself when he approaches me. A guy who knows what he's doing."

In conclusion, use these interviews as a guideline on how to conduct yourself accordingly at the nightclubs. You're not going to score with very many sexy single women if you do things to turn them off. These interviews can be summed up as follows:

Single women like to be approached in a respectable manner. They usually don't like the aggressive approach and don't like to be treated like a piece of meat. Single women like well-groomed, well-dressed men, with a pleasing personality.

P.S. This article is an excerpt from our best-selling book, "The Complete Guide to Meeting Women."