I would like to discuss some observations you need to make at the beginning of a relationship with women. Sometimes when you're first dating a woman you overlook some things. You are so caught up in being attracted to her and even to the point of being in love with her.

Before you get too carried away, here are some observations you need to make:

1. How does she treat other people?
2. How does she treat her family, especially her relationship with her father?
3. How does she treat her friends, especially the younger and older ones?

So, what does all this mean? If she treats these people in her life with no respect, is cold with them, argumentative, or mean to them do you know what this means? Well if she treats them like this, she will treat you like this also after the puppy love stage wears off. Her true colors are going to come out and you may not like what you see.

I really don't like writing about negative things, but I just wanted to pass this along so you will know in advance if you are going to be treated like shit once the romance stage wears off.