I would like to share with the visitors to this web site a method I used successfully for many years to meet lots of beautiful and sexy single women in bars and nightclubs. All you need to pull this off is courage, a small note pad that fits in your pocket, and a pen.
When you see a beautiful single woman at a bar or nightclub, you will walk up next to her and write the following note in your note pad (make sure she sees you writing this note):
Did you know that I have been standing here wondering how I could meet you?
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If you have any suggestions as to how I could meet you without appearing bold or if I should even try to meet you, please check one of the below:


___Go to Hell

___Try This:

After you have finished writing this note hand it to her with a pen and say, "Would you mind filling this out for me?"
This system really worked for me and it's a great ice-breaker. Single women admired me for the uniqueness of this way of trying to meet them. What I like about this method is that I don't even have to use an opening line or some come-on line to meet single women. I just simply hand them a note. It sure is an easy way to meet single women you are attracted to.
Is it guaranteed to work in meeting single women? No. You will get some rejections and some women may even laugh at you. But, the majority of women will be receptive to this technique of meeting them. Try it! You will be pleasantly surprised by the results.