According to the October 2010 issue of Men's Health Magazine here are the top 25 sexually active cities in America:
No. 1. Austin, TX
No. 2. Dallas, TX
No. 3. Columbus, OH
No. 4. Durham, NC
No. 5. Denver, CO
No. 6. Indianapolis, IN
No. 7. Arlington, TX
No. 8. Oklahoma City, OK
No. 9. Bakersfield, CA
No. 10. Houston, TX
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No. 11. Lubbock, TX
No. 12. Fort Worth, TX
No. 13. Charlotte, NC
No. 14. Fresno, CA
No. 15. San Antonio, TX
No. 16. Richmond, VA
No. 17. Anchorage, AK
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No. 18. Nashville, TN
No. 19. Memphis, TN
No. 20. Kansas City, MO
No. 21. Atlanta, GA
No. 22. Omaha, NE
No. 23. Salt Lake City, UT
No. 24. Milwaukee, WI
No. 25. Jackson, MS
So, maybe these are the best cities to live in or visit to get some action (If you know what I mean).