Has this ever happened to you? You see the hot & sexy "girl of dreams" at a bar or nightclub and you're dying to ask her to dance. There's a problem though. She's with a group of her girlfriends and they are carrying on and laughing and talking and not really noticing anything else. They just seem to be absorbed with themselves. You know what I'm talking about. You've seen groups of girls and how they act.
Well anyway, you want to ask her to dance, but you kind of feel like a fool approaching her in a group of girlfriends. Here's the wrong approach a lot of guys use: You approach her and ask her to dance and she says no. Then you ask her friend, she says no. Then you go down the line and ask her other friends to dance and they say no. You have just made a complete fool of yourself and the girls are snickering behind your back. Don't set yourself up for rejection.
Here's the approach to use:
Always remember this fact: It's hard to get one of the girls in a group to separate. But, there's a way around this; Walk up to all of them at once with a friendly smile on your face and say, "Would any of you girls like to dance?" There's a good chance one of them will dance with you and perhaps even the one that you were initially attracted to. This opens the door to dance with the other girls in the group also. Then you can determine which one you hit it off with and pursue her for a romantic encounter.
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Does this method work 100% of the time? No, there are variables involved. Maybe they are not ready to dance yet, they all have boyfriends, or maybe they are just not attracted to you through no fault of your own. Sure, the whole group may reject you but you increase your chances of getting the girls to dance by asking them to
dance as a group.
Personally, I always look for single women that are alone to ask to dance. If they are with just one girlfriend, I will ask a girl to dance and that's not usually a problem. Your best bet is to hit up on girls that are alone.