There's a myth that a lot of guys fall for that causes a lot of undue stress and anxiety. It's the myth that if only I could find a girlfriend I will be happy. Don't fall for this guys!

Guess who is responsible for your happiness? You are. You must learn to be happy and contented with yourself. You are the only one who can make you happy. You just can't expect women that you become involved with, to be responsible for your happiness.

It's really sad that a lot of men live in misery, thinking that they will be so happy when a woman comes into their life to make them happy. Trust me, you can be happy while you are waiting for that special to come into your life. And, if you find the right woman, she will add to that happiness.

Well, I hope you get my point. Don't spend your life waiting around for someone to come into your life to make you happy. Make yourself happy and don't depend on others to do this. And remember, "happiness comes from within."