Test your resourcefulness, your ingenuity, and your presence of mind...when
faced with one of "life's little surprises" when dating women.

6. At work, a single woman loudly announces to her friends that she would accept an invitation from "anyone" to a certain dance club. She is looking in your direction and she seems to have taken pains to ensure you will overhear her. You scarcely know the woman, and had not even considered approaching her. What to do?

7. As the office party breaks up, amidst considerable noise and confusion, a woman you hardly know grabs you and kisses you on the lips, hard (you rather enjoy the sensation). Is she drunk, or does this indicate genuine interest in you?

8. The woman you have been going out with consistently shows up late for dates, at times an hour or more. She always has an excuse, but you are beginning to get somewhat annoyed.

9. As you pass a group of single young women on the street, one of them makes a rather suggestive remark about you, to the accompaniment of raucous laughter from the others.

10. The disastrous blind date scenario. A good friend has set you up with "the perfect woman for you". You talked with her on the phone and seemed to hit it off. When you show up at the rendezvous, here is this alluring Hollywood film star wannabe in a tight fitting sweater, reeking of expensive perfume, literally oozing glamour, and flaunting her good looks. She takes one look at you and visibly recoils. She seemed to have been expecting a male counterpart, and her distaste for
you is all too plain.

Here are the corresponding numbered answers to match the questions:

5. Talk is cheap. Stay noncommittal, and let her carry the burden of the conversation.

6. This is a double whammy. On the one hand, she is displaying behavior typical of a giggly teenager. On the other, she is making it perfectly clear that she would be using you only as a convenience, to provide an escort for her into the club, and that any generic male would do as well. Let her find another victim.

7. The next working day, flowers for her arrive at the office, with an unsigned card saying; "The kiss lingers".

8. You seem to be number 468 on her list of priorities. Have a long talk with her, but realize the relationship may be in serious trouble.

9. Rudeness has become a national epidemic. Consider this a minor annoyance, the equivalent of bird droppings falling on you from the sky. Keep walking.

10. "I'm not quite what you were expecting, Leila. It does appear that we are quite unsuited for each other, and I would be most happy to relieve you of the obligation of spending the evening with me."