THE MEN'S ROOM - This is one place you want to avoid at all costs.

Don't sit next to the men's room! It may be great if you've got to go to the restroom a lot but it's not good for attracting the dancers. This is a high traffic area for men and you want to be around women and not men. If you're sitting in this area it can be a distraction, also a lot of the men walking by may look or even flirt with the topless dancer you're trying to get acquainted with. You certainly don't want any competition from other men. Believe me when I tell you to stay away from this area.

If the club is over-crowded and you get stuck sitting here, move to another area as soon as you can. Ask your waitress to seat you in another area as soon as there is an opening. Another option would be to leave and go to another club nearby if this is the only place you will be able to sit.

This is an excerpt from out best-sell book called, "How to Pick Up Topless Dancers."