A girl sitting on a park bench, in a restaurant or bar, lying on the beach, or in any other similar "stationary" situation, is engaged in a recreational activity, and can easily be approached by a man (in a friendly way), saying, "Excuse me, but do you mind if I join you?"

The girl can simply say, "I'm-sorry, but I'm waiting for someone," if she is not interested. Such pick-ups are among the easiest to make. In fact, I am sure that girls in such situations are expecting (and probably hoping for) men to approach them. But they are ready to use the “waiting for someone" excuse if they do not fancy the man approaching them. It is really quite a painless rejection for both the girl and the man.

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It is amazing that many men think nothing of approaching a girl at a party, but would be afraid to approach a girl in a park, restaurant, or beach in the manner described.