This is an excellent way to meet hot, sexy female tourists and these tours have some lonely attractive females.

Every major city has walking or bus tours. Cities on the water usually have boat tours of some type. Check the yellow pages under "tours" to find out information on the tours. Sign up for one of the tours on the weekend.

Meeting these women on a tour is easy as pie. All you've got to do for openers is to make a comment on what the tour guide is showing you. Also, it would really be a good idea to bring a polaroid camera along with you so you can take a picture of her to take back home with her.

After the tour is completed, ask her if you can take her on a personal guided tour of some unique places in the city. Being that you live there, I'm sure you can think of some great places to take her.

So why not try this method of meeting women. It's a uniquely different way of meeting women and some of the tours are very interesting. The atmosphere is great and the people are relaxed and friendly.