HINT #1 - Don't be moody, boring, dull, or too serious. Women want men to lift their spirits - not drown them.

HINT #2 - Be happy and positive about yourself. It will rub off on her.

HINT #3 - If a girl comes over to your house, don't just say, "Oh hi. Come on in." Better to say, "Hi! Come in. Here, sit down. Can I get you something? Would you like a drink? Some tea? Let me show you the pictures I took at the beach last weekend." In other words, be moving. Be vibrant and enthusiastic about her, yourself, and the moment you are in.


- Besides being seen with women, it is important to be seen with people in general. If people see you with lots of friends, they will conclude that you are an enjoyable, positive person that must possess a charm that attracts others.