Sex Trivia Quiz

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Listed here are 10 intriguing questions about sex, love, dating, romance, and marriage I thought would be interesting to the visitors of our website. A lot of men talk about these subjects and many of you may even think that you are an expert on these subjects. Well let's just see how much you know. Here's the questions:

1. According to a report by New York State University, what is the best age to get married? Is it between 23 and 25 or between 26 and 28?

2. According to studies, does darkness make lovemaking any more interesting? Yes or No?

3. According to "The Hite Report," what do women enjoy the most about making love? Is it the intimacy or simply pleasing a man?

4. According to a survey reported in "Cosmopolitan Magazine," how many times do men think of sex in just one hour? Is it twice an hour or up to six times an hour?

5. According to a survey in "USA Today," both men and women agreed that one activity gives them more pleasure than anything else does. Would that be sex or reading?

6. According to Dr. Joyce Brothers, who is more likely to go to pieces after a divorce? The man or the woman?

7. According to Ann Landers, should a new wife ask her husband to get rid of all those photographs of his former girlfriends? Yes or No?

8. According to the book, "The Bottom Line," who initiates the most divorces in America? The man or the woman?

9. According to Dr. Joyce Brothers, is it all right for a married woman to stay friends with her former lovers? Yes or No?

10. According to a study at Seaton-Hall University, how long does the average extra-marital affair usually last? Would it be six months or twelve months?

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