The power of confidence with single women...confidence in your voice, posture, manner, your total personality, has a tremendous power and glamour in getting along with single women, but it can't work if it's completely phony. It has to be sincere.

Yet, no matter how lacking you are in confidence you can gain it surely, firmly, genuinely. It is gained the same way learning and growing is gained. You learn...that is, you can learn...from a book, but not merely by reading it. You have to master it, live it, practice it, make it part of your blood, flesh, nerves. Then it is yours!

Every time you give yourself a modest, attainable goal, but one which does require some effort and some courage, and you accomplish it, you build another pound of confidence into your bones, flesh and fiber and nervous system - where it must grow and develop if it is to be genuine and durable.

How to you start? Give yourself a small immediate goal and carry it out. Then go on to bigger and better things. If you are afraid of and shy around single women, take out any woman, and every woman, as often as you can. Each time pat yourself on the back mentally and feel yourself grow more relaxed and secure in the company of single women. Set a goal of getting a date with that single woman you're attracted to at the office, that waitress you like at the restaurant you visit often, that bartender at the club you hang out at, that checker at the supermarket that gets you all hot & bothered, etc. and ask her! Whether she accepts or turns you down, at least be gratified that you were able to carry through the action of asking, of going out and trying to get a date for yourself, on your own.

If you have an address book with some single eligible women in it, call them up and ask them for a date. It does not matter if you saw her a long time ago and did not hit it off or a woman who refused you for a date, make yourself call her and ask her out again!

Set yourself a goal of talking to a strange single woman at the supermarket, laundromat, at a concert, while standing in line at the movie, women sitting at the bar, single women on the bus, single women standing in the street, single women in the elevator, just anywhere and everywhere today! Even if it never gets further than a few casual comments exchanged between you, it will build your confidence and
skill and prepare you for more ambitious goals next time. You build confidence by doing in small ways and forcing yourself forward to gradually bigger and bigger goals! Like meeting, dating, attracting, and seducing any single sexy woman you desire!