The trick in dealing with topless dancers is to beat them at their own game. They become the one that gets manipulated! With this book, you have all the tools necessary to manipulate and seduce them. Keep in mind, too, that they're always searching for a bigger, better deal, always. If you're the guy who can provide it, they're open for possibilities. As a matter of fact, you can get so good at connecting with topless dancers, that you can have a ten minute conversation with them and be dating them that evening. No kidding. That's what this book can do for you.
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Now, let's discuss how dancers will use you away from the club. Don't be fooled into thinking that just because you've gotten a dancers phone number and she's agreed to go out with you that you're on your way to getting laid. This is not necessarily true. Dancers will take advantage of you and just use you for free dinners, entertainment, and excitement with no intention whatsoever of going to bed with you. They are particularly known to do this to older men. So, how do you avoid being taken for a ride? Be up front with them in the beginning and tell them you're not interested in going to bed with them and you want to establish a friendship. Then, hopefully nature will take it's course and your friendship will develop into a love affair. If things just don't work out, move on to your next conquest. There's plenty of hot & sexy dancers to pursue.
You need to be aware that some dancers are looking for a "Sugar Daddy," with no sex involved. They will string you along, making you think they will sleep with you but they will not go to bed with you and just use you for money and material possessions. If you just want their company with no sex, then maybe you can tolerate this arrangement. It's going to cost you a lot of money though. I'll end this section with this statement, "Don't be a sucker!"
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