Did you know that a woman will judge you on a first date on how you like her dog or cat? I really don't think it is sometimes fair, but if her pet does not like you then you don't get a second date. Sounds crazy doesn't it?

Well, to some women a pet is just like a member of a family and if you don't pay any attention to her pet, then it is a turnoff. If you just ignore her pet and don't even make an attempt to pet and talk to it, then you are asking for trouble.

So, my advice is that as soon as you are inside her house or apartment and see her pet or pets, go them right away and pet and talk to them. This will make a good impression on your date and you will score points.

Also, to be on the safe side ask her if her pets bite before attempting to pet them. If she says they don't bite and they act very hostile to you then you will have to use good judgement.

In conclusion, go out of your way to be friendly towards her pet. You just never know that she may be the type that uses her pets to make a judgement whether to see you again.