Single women in this country are starving for romance! An indication of this is thatsingle women are buying the fastest selling books on the market today by the thousands. And what is it in these books that attracts its readers? Romance. It is, of course, romance novels that are flooding the supermarket racks. All women want to be romanced, and most men don't know how to do it, or at least they don't put any effort into it.

For example, a woman once told us about a dinner date she had just experienced. She was very impressed by the fact that her date had cooked the dinner, set flowers on the table, and that they dined by candle light. She also told us that this was the first time she had been treated this way. This woman has been married. She is over
thirty years old, and very attractive, so, obviously, she has had exposure to men and dating. We were shocked by the fact that this was the first time she had been treated to a candlelit dinner. What does this tell us? Women want romance and most men aren't providing it.

Romance is a word that is difficult to define. It conjures up different meanings to different people. To us, romance is candlelit dinners, love notes, unexpected presents, and breakfast in bed. It is body massages, flowers, dressing up for a formal date, and making love in front of the fireplace. This, of course, is not the entire list, but obviously, you get the idea.

To be romantic does take a little effort, but is by no means difficult, and the rewards are well worth your time. Knowing how and when to be romantic will make you intriguing to single women. Especially when most other men are romantically ignorant. Plain and simply, single women want the men in their lives to provide them with romance. Don't know how to be romantic? Just browse our catalog. We have lots of products to teach you how to be an expert in the romance department.

This article is an excerpt from our best-selling book, "A Man's Guide to Women."