Certainly, it is best for you to get any fears you may have out in the open, examine them, and then decide if you really want to pick up a girl.

Apart from your fears, you should decide if you are ready in other ways. Think of a checklist. Are you suitably dressed and groomed? Have you got plenty of things ready to say? Do you have some activities ready to offer? If you feel like you really want to, and are ready, then go to it and give it your best shot.

Because if you are plagued by uncertainty and indecision, your pick-up attempt will probably be weak and unconvincing. You will tend to use the first sign of reluctance by the girl as an excuse to abandon your attempt, thinking “Oh well! The situation just wasn't right. I'll do better another time."

You will have much more confidence if you make a firm mental commitment and have a strong determination to succeed.


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