TIP #1 - On this point, listen to what your mother told you. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, stay clean shaven, or keep beards and mustaches well trimmed.

TIP #2 - Ask yourself if you do look best in a beard or a mustache. Some men do, some men don't.

TIP #3 - Get a haircut. By this we mean choose a hairstyle that's appropriate for you. Be it long or short; keep it clean and well groomed. We have a friend who spent a year experimenting with different hair styles. When he finally found a style and a stylist who could cut his hair right, he received a lot of positive comments from the opposite sex.

TIP #4 - The saying, "clothes make the man" is absolutely true. Don't dress like a slob. Be observant of what others are wearing to keep track of fashions so that your clothes are tasteful and appropriate for all occasions.

TIP #5 - Choose clothes whose fit and style accentuate your good points. Find the colors that are best on you. If you are inexperienced in buying clothes, then get the advice of a friend or rely on the sales people at good clothing stores.

TIP #6 - A T-shirt, a sports coat, and a nice Italian suit all say something different about a person. Be aware of how you want to be perceived and dress for that occasion accordingly.

TIP #7 - Get in the habit of never going out of the house unless you are dressed, groomed, and prepared to be seen by the girl of your dreams.

When a woman sees a man dressed well and well groomed, it tells her that this is someone who is in charge of his life. It suggests that he is successful, and financially secure. These are things that women equate with what we discussed about "Power and Leadership." Now consider what a woman thinks when she sees a man in dirty, grubby clothes, unshaven and disheveled. In charge of his life? Successful? Financially sound? The type of person who influences others?

This article is an excerpt from our best-selling book, "A Man's Guide to Women."


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