These are not professional dancers and don't get paid to dance. They enter "amateur dance contests." Some of them do it for fun, maybe to be discovered and offered a job, maybe on a dare or bet, for their boyfriends, or just for the hell of it. Not to mention the money they can win. You will find these amateurs mainly at the lower scale clubs. The upper scale clubs usually don't feature amateur dance contests.

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In my opinion these are the best types of topless dancers to pursue. They are easy and receptive to meet. They're new to topless dancing and not burnt out or hardened by the topless club atmosphere. So, they usually have a good attitude towards men and that's certainly good news for you. Later in the book I will discuss how to score with these amateur dancers. Be sure and keep your eyes and ears open for any amateur topless dance contests. Some clubs hold them weekly. If you want to pick up topless dancers, be sure and go to the contests. The amateurs usually are the easiest to pick up.
This article is an excerpt from our best-selling book, "How to Pick Up Topless Dancers."