1. PRIVACY AREA - These are dark and secluded areas which lends itself to a more intimate and quieter area for conversation with the dancers. The less distractions the better when you're making your moves on the topless dancers.

Also, if you are getting a table dance, this area is more private and you can get a much more intimate, personal, and sexy table dance. Being that this area is more private and secluded, this may increase your chances of getting her to show you her bush. Don't make the mistake of thinking that because you're in a secluded area you can touch the dancers intimately while they're dancing. You can look but you better not touch, as a general rule! Those are the rules and if you do, she will get the bouncer on your ass.

You may be thinking, what if she let's me touch her private parts or encourages me. Forget it! It just won't happen, normally. Only in your dreams.

One final point. If you are alone, the privacy area can be good.

You will be visibly alone to the dancers and they will come over and talk to you.

Plus, they may assume that since you're sitting alone in a dark secluded area that you want a table dance and that relates to making money, which they are
obsessed with. So, they will be hitting you up. Just remember you are not obligated to accept a table dance for money.