Quite simply, all it takes to meet a woman in a nightclub is to just walk up to her and start talking to her or by asking her to dance. There's a lot of men who just stand around all night too scared to approach a woman or they think they will be approached themselves. Believe me, I know from experience that sometimes you will rarely meet any women just standing around waiting for them to make the first move. You have to make the first move and it comes quite easy after you practice at it. Enough about shy men at clubs. I'm devoting two chapters on shyness and how to overcome this problem.

Free Dating Tips on How to Meet, Attract, Seduce Women

You're probably wondering "What do I say when I approach a woman?" Here are just a few simple opening lines which work well. Feel free to make up your own.

1. "Hi! My name is________."
2. "Why are you flirting with me?"
3. "What's your name?"
4. "Are you having a good time?"
5. "What's that perfume you're wearing?"
6. "I love your hair. Where do you have it done?"
7. "Would you like to dance?"
8. "Are you a model?" (Quite a compliment to women)
9. "What kind of drink is that?"
10. This one really works well. Try it and see for yourself. "Excuse me for being so forward, but I could not help but admire the way you danced. Where did you learn to dance like that?" This lays the foundation for starting a conversation. Then you can ask her, "What do you think of this place?",and so on. Then you can ask her to dance.