TIP #1 - Be a good tipper. Women notice and judge you on it. The restaurant employees will treat you well and women notice how other people react towards you. Never fiddle with change. Tip in increments of dollars. The difference between a 75 cent tip and a dollar tip is only a quarter, but it looks like a big difference to an observer.

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TIP #2 - When you are at a bar or nightclub with a girl buying drinks, tip the cocktail waitress when she brings the first round. By doing this the cocktail waitress will service your table better, and keep checking to see if you need anything. Besides your date noticing that you tip well, she will notice that the cocktail waitress is paying particular attention to you and conclude that women find you attractive.

When you are on a date, by spending a few extra dollars and smiling while you are doing it, you can really change a person's impression of you.