How to Deal with Women

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It will be important for you to analyze for yourself each of your past and future failures. Using what you will learn, you will be able to identify your mistakes, thereby making correction and change in your approach much easier.
When one learns to play tennis, he is bound to hit some balls into the net. If he makes no effort to correct his stroke, then balls are going to continue to go into the net and the player is going to become frustrated. If, however, he analyzes every hit, watches the projectory of the ball, is aware of his stroke and the angle of the racquet head, and makes necessary corrections, then his game will improve with practice.
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Dealing with women is much the same. Most successful men meet and date many women before they meet that special one. Realistically, each girl you meet will probably become another in a series of experiences from which you can learn. This practice is invaluable so that when the girl of your dreams does come along, you won't blow it. If you learn from your experiences and use what we will show you, then success will come, just as in any other learning process.